We have a range of online support for all leaders through the current Covid-19 crisis.
Please take a look at our 
Online Support page for details.

If you are a leader in healthcare we are volunteering our support to you throughout this time.


‘ We are a team of business consultants who have accelerated achievement of our clients’ success by focusing on leadership impact and team performance for over 20 years. 
We promise you return on investment based on your outcomes, your measures and your results. It’s as simple as that.
Maggie Rose – Founder and Managing Consultant


We’ve entrusted the MROI team to help us at critical moments in our journey as a business – they’ve added value equally in the highs and the lows. They have worked hard to get under the skin of our business and to understand us as individuals – it means they can make a difference very quickly. The MROI team have successfully built the trust you need to get into the real issues in a business – they are professional, challenging and fun

Mark Dickinson, former Chief People Officer, Talk Talk Plc