LEADERSHIP PROGRAMMES – The Leadership Exchange

Leaders are often resistant to the idea of ‘training’ but if you want to drive different commercial outcomes, different behaviours will be required.

Whether at a macro level driving total company culture or looking to develop a particular skill set among leaders, our approach to programmes is pragmatic –  defined by what leaders want to create for the future. Leaders bring the real business opportunities they are facing.

Within the Leadership Exchange, we work (online or in person) with small groups of 6 leaders. A series of fast-paced interactive modules (typically 6) of 2 -3 hours each, delivers bite size learning creating the opportunity for application of that learning and action between modules. It also fosters collaboration, building a community of leaders in supporting one another’s success across the organisation.

We draw on the valuable wisdom and support within the group to create individual ‘breakthrough’ thinking, offering insights, concepts and tools to grow their leadership.


We can tailor the approach to suit your budget and outcomes. Let’s talk about your requirements to design the right programme for your organisation.

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‘We’ve loved working with MROI. The leadership exchange group that we’ve organised with MROI has worked really well in terms of style of learning for our most senior leaders. The coaching aspect has enabled them to learn through the coach, with Anna and Tanya bringing in the relevant frameworks or models when needed and asking the right questions at the right time; but also through each other, meaning that they’ve started to feel more like a peer group. Being able to focus the leadership exchange groups on different themes has helped us embed different behaviours into the organisation that we weren’t previously seeing.’

Sixtine Millot, Head of Talent, GoCardless