Programmes range from a few hours to 12 months unlimited access.

Leaders of late have been managing their own lives alongside leading their teams and executing under extreme demands and constraints in an ever changing new landscape with new ways of working.

The more senior you are the fewer people you can talk with in confidence. Having a trusted sounding board creates the opportunity for reflection, new clarity and momentum.

Coaching and Mentoring is an opportunity for leaders to offload, take stock and recalibrate to continue leading forward with renewed clarity and focus. To bring their leadership to life. Fully. And leave a lasting legacy.

Programmes can be on demand or programmatic. They can be designed to:

  • be stand alone defined by an individuals outcomes
  • support a leadership programme embedding the learning personally
  • be linked to stages of career progression to support preparation and transition accelerating success

Programmes range from a few hours for short term tactical needs or where a light touch economic offer is required; through to unlimited access programmes across 3, 6 and 12 months.

A 360 can be incorporated into a programme to gather initial feedback to inform the work or to measure progress and behaviour/reputation change. This is particularly useful after 6 months in role.


We will make the best match of Coach or Mentor from the rich diversity of backgrounds and experience in our team.

We offer coaching Monday – Saturday 7am-10pm GMT via video conferencing on Zoom, or your preferred portal.  We do this so that your work with us fits in with your time zone – and your life. We can tailor the approach to suit your budget and outcomes.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.
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