OUR APPROACH – Expect us to:

  • Be driven by the results you want – rather than work to a predetermined process
  • Work flexibly step by step assessing progress at every stage to do the best job for you
  • Offer a wealth of tools and approaches to create a bespoke solution
  • Champion you and your success offering both challenge and support
  • Provoke acceleration of your progress through every conversation
  • Take time to understand your story to date as well as your ambition – it’s an essential starting place
I have partnered with MROI over the past four years in my role as CEO in two Diageo markets, as a leadership coach to me and in supporting building a strong leadership team. They bring a real partnership dimension to the relationship as well as a real sense of ownership of my business agenda, my team and the organization, rather than simply doing an a consulting “job”.  As a result of their partnership we have created more effective teams leading to delivery of performance turnaround and growth in very difficult economic and competitive backdrops.

Peter Ndegwa, General Manager, Continental Europe & Russia. Formerly CEO Guinness Nigeria Plc