‘Maggie works more rapidly than others, with more edge and drive for results, and with higher expectations – which means we get breakthroughs much quicker.’

Marketing Director, FMCG

Maggie Rose has been working with senior executives for more than twenty years with executive coaching, leadership performance programmes, and executive team development.

Maggie is very attuned to the level of return organisations achieve when investing in people initiatives. She works with clients to accelerate the achievement of business results by improving contributions from individuals and teams at senior levels.

Her pragmatic approach and business experience offer a challenging and dynamic style as a business leader, consultant, coach and mentor.

Maggie started her career in the retail and services sector. After a successful progression of business experience gathered over 10 years, moving from operational management and HR to the Boardroom, she founded MROI in 1993. She has worked throughout Africa, Asia, the US and Europe.

Maggie was a former winner of UK Women of the Future ‘Mentor of the Year Award’. She has also been a judge on the entrepreneur’s category of the Asian Women of Achievement Awards.

She is a published author of ‘Make the Juice Worth the Squeeze’.