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In her interview with Alison Tansey from the ‘Simply Brilliance’ online platform, MROI’s founder and MD Maggie Rose talks about the foundation of MROI and her vision.

“I set up MROI well over 20 years ago.  That ages me a bit!  I’d come from background of general management – a very commercial/operational path.  As a line leader myself I had seen the cynicism around return on investment when it came to investing in people or culture in an organisation.  And hands up I’d been part of that.  Sending people off on different development initiatives and then when they came back said “get on with the day job”.  I didn’t see it actually being about driving business performance.

I personally got really curious about how you might invest in people in an organisation and it actually makes a real difference to the business in behavioural change driving a different result for the business.  Whether that’s driving a result for the individual, for the team or  for the organisation as a whole – within the organisation or indeed  in the context in which it is operating in – it’s market place, in society,  in  the world.  At any level.

So I got very curious about how you could do that and guarantee return on investment, time after time, every time. And that’s why it’s MROI.  The promise is `on the tin’.  Meaningful ROI.  Driving a return on investment, rather than ticking a box.  Being a commercial animal I wanted to see the pay back in the organisation.  A different quality of result.  That’s what our clients achieve when they work with us and what has built trusted relationships over the years.

I absolutely love business and the power of business in the world.  Power can be a bit of an ugly word for some.  I personally believe that leaders in organisations across the world can truly make a lasting difference to our world through the choices of how they lead.  It’s a great privilege to have worked globally across different countries and different cultures by referral.  Though that time we have helped leaders make new choices about how they lead, not just in their organisation but what their true leadership legacy is beyond their tenure.  That’s not just down to an individual, but also a team.  What is our legacy that we want to leave in our market place, in society and of course with our people?

Contribution for me means a lot more than just the bottom line contribution.  That’s important.  But a leadership legacy is much greater than that.  Uniquely business leaders have the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy in our world, beyond any Government in my view because Governments by default act locally, whereas business leaders can truly take a global perspective and leave a lasting impact.

That was the foundation of my vision and why I set up MROI.”

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Maggie Rose has been working with senior executives for more than twenty years with executive coaching, leadership performance programmes, and executive team development.

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