‘From the coaches I met in other organisations, she was the one that made the greatest difference – I knew it half way through the first session.  We achieved in 2 sessions what we planned to do in 4!’

Senior Leader, Retail Sector

Laura Beckingham spent the first 10 years of her career working as a leader inside corporates, in a variety of Operational, HR and specialist Organisational Development roles. She knew though, that the most useful place for her to operate was in the space just outside these organisations. Following this instinct, and trusting her independent nature, she has been partnering with organisations for a healthier future across the world, and in a variety of sectors and contexts.

Laura describes herself as a creative and commercial Coach, Constellator and sometimes Consultant. What this really means is her working with people, teams and organisations in a systemic way, attending to the whole, through deep connection with individuals.

Passionate about leaders’ overall wellness, organisational health and the need to ‘slow down to go faster’, she values stillness and depth. Though she comfortably holds this space, and the tension it often generates, she always balances this with pace, provocation and a natural drive for action.

Curious, playful and daring, the unique environments that Laura creates give voice to what really matters, often with a particular focus on unblocking ‘stuckness’. Working at these multiple layers ensures that all the shifts that occur are in service of the greater good; results and changes are far more sustainable and impactful this way. Her clients consistently report improved performance, a stronger sense of purpose and increased contentment.