Ishreen Bradley is a Strategic Pioneer who guides Professional Leaders and their teams to navigate complex situations and achieve success with clarity, confidence and courage.

Her focus is to cultivate mindsets and cultures that acknowledge valuable difference, inclusive behaviours and authentic leadership.

She advises, consults, trains and coaches senior leaders through her compassionate, intuitive and incisive approach – facilitating them to develop themselves and their teams towards their growth strategy. Drawing on her 30+ years of running transformational projects with hundreds of clients around the world, she impacts Leaders to create and implement inspirational strategies that engage their colleagues – resulting in increased psychological safety, connection and tangible value.

Ishreen is passionate about all humans having a ‘fair crack’ at work.

She is currently leading a research project into the impact of privilege on performance and opportunity in the workplace. Her contribution to empowering underrepresented groups at work has been recognised in Washington through an award from The International Alliance of Women.  In 2013, Ishreen researched the challenges facing women at work, resulting in a white paper ‘Shooting for the C-Suite’, widely acknowledged as one of the most valuable contributions in the field. This led to her authoring her first book “Authentic.You”

Ishreen thrives on creating innovative ways of addressing current challenges by working with multiskilled teams. Her current social project, ‘Heartfulness’ provides retreats in Spain and Morocco to help address mental and physical health challenges for senior professionals.