Ways of working have transformed in 2020. Leading a team looks and feels very different. Adjusting to work together in a different way is vital to drive productivity and provide cohesive leadership to the organisation.

In a fast paced initial 3 hour session here is what’s included:

  • Taking stock of historic and existing ways of working – personally and professionally
  • Understanding the culture of the team
  • Deepening knowledge of self and others
  • Understanding the effect of the team culture on those we lead
  • Agreeing new ways of working that are fit for the future – in the team and in leading others

A modular approach of subsequent 1 hour reviews then monitors progress over time and builds momentum.

Individual sessions can also be added to this to accelerate individual performance within the team.


Team Effectiveness modules are offered Monday – Saturday 7am-10pm GMT via video conferencing on Zoom, or your preferred portal.  We do this so that your work with us fits in with your time zone – and your life.

We can tailor the approach to suit your budget and outcomes.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.
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‘Maggie has worked with a number of our teams on a variety of topics, and brings a brilliant combination of active listening, careful nudges, and experienced challenge. We’ve got a lot out of the sessions and they have enabled us to understand our combined and individual leadership strengths and opportunities, work better together, and clear away the distractions that stop us delivering our potential and purpose.’

Graham Biggart, Director of Commercial Operations, Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd