‘Arielle helped me make significant progress in reconciling the politics of such a large organisation with my own values. My team is now being held up as a benchmark.’

COO, Banking Industry

Arielle Essex specialises in preparing executives for career advancement, enhancing communication, increasing credibility and gravitas, improving state management, as well as gracefully handling strategic political situations. Certified in Charisma and Group Leadership Dynamics, she combines a powerful range of skills to coach people for excellence. Some of this work includes immediate video and computer bio-feedback for maximum value.

Originally from the USA, Arielle has navigated her own career through four different industries starting with advertising & copywriting; then wholistic healing combining naturopathy, kinesiology, spinal manipulation and cranial sacral therapy. Later, her health work evolved into studying psychology, NLP, EFT, HeartMath, Emotional Intelligence and Coaching.

As a certified NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer, she has been teaching top quality NLP & personal development courses since 1991, as well as being a certified Coach with the Erickson College (accredited with ICF). Her first book was published in 2004, ‘Compassionate Coaching’.

Arielle loves helping leaders achieve their potential and understand the dynamics that support change both personally, in groups and throughout an organisation.